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About us

About us  Cangnan Qiantu Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturer of lifting machine, hanging tablets manipulator, automatic lifting machine, industrial automation products R & D and production of machinery company, we have advanced production technology and rich production experience, we have a certain technology development, production management, sales and service experience..

Automatic lifting machine

Automatic lifting machine

Automatic lifting machine, clothing accessories industry, hanging tablets production manual alternative products, with high safety factor, workers are not easy to fatigue, reduce labor intensity, high efficiency, a person can 5 machines to normal production and management。 In the present labor resources shortage, it is the preferred production hanger。 Machine trouble free operating life long, simple operation, easy maintenance, it adopts famous brand components, optimization and integration, real-time to meet customer requirements。 Not afraid, afraid of goods than goods, welcome new and old customers are using our machines and peers, to draw their own conclusions。 Money hanging machine, make your business more competitive, the money way is bright! Welcome new and old customers to communicate, exchange, together with progress。 More willing to help new customers from scratch, the package will package, injection molding machine, mold, lines and other resources。


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